ChairHiring a designer can sometimes be similar to hiring a personal shopper. We know where the best deals are, and can be on the look out for you. I recently found this set of chairs for $25.90. Since my husband and I are just starting out we aren’t looking for high quality/durability. We are in the market for…. CHEAP! I found this cream, tufted reading chair for $25 at the local thrift store. A few days later I was scoping out some other second hand shops and found a similar chair (EXACT SAME COLOR!!) for 90 cents!

People always ask me “How do you find anything there, I go and find nothing!?” I may need to do a post on my strategy while Thrift Shopping… What do you think?


  • Curtains: $9.99 (for 2 panels) Wal-mart
  • Pillows: Repurposed from my dorm room!
  • Reading lamp: $4.99 Thrift Store
  • Preserved Boxwood: $5.99 Thrift Store
  • Small bust figurine: $2.99 Rummage Sale
  • Gold Mirror: $4.99 Thrift Store
  • Gold throw: $19.99 Target (A wedding gift from my dear friend Abbey)
  • Black Shabby Chic Table: Gift from my momma 🙂


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