Why does my house look like a Pinterest Fail?

Why does my house look more like a Pinterest fail, than the pictures on my “home board?” Side note: If you have never been to PinterestFail.com, take a look. If you are a crafter who has experienced flops you’ll appreciate the humor!

Do you feel like your house doesn’t look put together? You work hard on it, you buy cute things, but it just doesn’t feel complete? We live in a time with more resources and access to home décor than any era before. All this has done is confuse us even more. With ideas coming at us from Pinterest, Magazines, and HGTV no wonder we feel at a loss when it comes to our homes. HOW CAN YOU DECIDE? Bottom line, you need a 3rd party opinion to come in and give you direction. That is why hiring a designer is more important than ever!

My dear friend Abbey reached out to me for this exact reason. She has fabulous taste, but it just wasn’t coming together like she envisioned it…

Here is her sweet first home:


I first asked her for several pictures from around her house. I got a sense of her style. Then I asked her a series of questions to define what exactly she was trying to do.

Here is the vision I have for her space:


Here is her action plan:

  1. Move her large cream chair to the other wall
  2. Use the cream ottoman as the coffee table
  3. Add a decorative tray and accessories
  4. Move the white window from the bedroom to above the couch
  5. Fashion with a cotton wreath hanging on it.
  6. Bring in more lighting!
    • A country chic floor lamp & a table lamp on the other side. Bringing in mint as a fun accent color!
  7. Move the ladder to the wall with the window, and add a large shabby chic clock above it.
  8. Bring a off-white rug, as well as throw pillows in to lighten up the couch.
  9. Add a new side table to even the weight of the room.

Estimated costs:

  • Cotton Wreath = $25 Hobby Lobby (half off)
  • Table lamp = $5-7 (Easy Thrift store find)
  • Floor lamp= $3 (Abbey actually found one at the thrift store and sent me pictures!)
  • Decorative Tray= $25-$35 TJ Maxx is a great place to look!
  • Wall Clock = $20 Hobby Lobby (half off)
  • Side Table = $393 (Lets be real… I am searching at the thrift store for a side table and white washing it)
  • Fuzzy Rug: $162 Target
  • Decorative Plants and accessories: $30-$50 total

Redecorating Freebies: Awesome things Abbey already had!

  • Couch
  • Ottoman
  • Chair
  • Window
  • Ladder
  • Throw Pillows

Abbey is currently working on my recommendations. Final photos to come…



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