Becoming a Minimalist

I recently got into the ideology of minimalism. I have been reading articles and watching documentaries on the topic. I even started Project333. (click here if you’d like to learn what that is!) I am currently on week 4 of the project and I am loving it!

I am not a minimalist by nature, and I will never have a house with 1 table and 2 chairs in an empty dining room. BORING! But I do love the idea of not being attached to our possessions! (As does the Bible)

Here are 3 things I tell myself as I purge.

  1. Love people, not possessions.

If my grandma gave me something, I feel I should never part with it. If you knew my grandmother you’d know she gave me A LOT. Like every time I saw her. It was her love language. But these trinkets that are just sitting in my drawers aren’t being used. So I tell myself, this item is NOT my grandma. I love her and the memories I will always have with her, not this possession.

2. Keep memories, not junk!

With the same mentality I gave myself permission to throw away receipts from my wedding. I am a very sentimental person so I feel like I should keep every note I ever made of my wedding. As I threw out our registry log, wedding notes, and receipts I kept telling myself “This is not my wedding, I have memories and photos!”

3. How much do I need vs. How much do I want

I used to say “I am going to purge my closet, and get rid of things I no longer need/want.” The problem is that I would get caught up in thinking everything I owned was cute (Because DUH it is) and then thinking I should start wearing this more, and getting rid of very little. I have found I have my best success in purging when I first think of how much I use of a particular category before going through it. So I wrote down: 10 socks, 14 undergarments 2 swimsuits, and 5 dresses. Then I go in for the kill! That way I get to shop for my 10 best socks, and purge the rest!

Share your best de-cluttering tip below!



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