St. Patrick’s Day Table

My mission with Willa Interiors is to show people in my community that they don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate their homes. There is a plethora of options out there, I am just here to show you how to use those resources!

I wanted to create a St. Patrick’s Day table, without using the tacky tinsel. Please no. I decided to further challenge myself to go to the most unlikely of places to shop for my items to show that you can decorate affordably from almost any retail store!

I am calling this: The Dollar Tree vs. The Dollar Aisle Challenge

I created 2 table arrangements. One with products only found at the Dollar Tree, and the other from the Dollar Aisle at Target. Who won? I will let you be the judge of that. Each table arrangement was around $20 (not including the plates).

D O L L A R  T R E E |



Products Used:

  1. 4 Black and White striped place mats. First of all, WHO KNEW. My love for a classic black and white print was all over this find!
  2. 2 square candle holders
  3. A glass candle stick
  4. A leprechaun hat used as a centerpiece vase
  5. 2 bags of gold coins to fill the candle holders. This is the cheesiest part of the arrangement, but they were fun!
  6. Mixture of silk Hydrangea’s and greenery florals
  7. Gold battery operated tea lights

Ticket total $19.57

D O L L A R  A I S L E |




Products Used:

  1. Cream cake stand
  2. “Pinch Me” block sign
  3. Mercury glass candle (which smells fabulous btw.)
  4. 4 glitter hair clips
  5. 4 handkerchiefs (These are cotton, so they don’t feel scratchy. They feel just like a cloth napkin!)

Ticket total: $20.65

Comment below which table you think won the challenge!



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