DIY Dresser Refinish

The evolution of our bedroom! Let’s be transparent,  decorating is a process. So if your house or a certain room in your home doesn’t look just how you want it, it’s okay! This room still isn’t exactly how I want it, and that’s okay. I am waiting out for the right pieces at the right price!


I have never refinished furniture like this before. I am here to give you the honest truth. Not the perfect blog that makes it look SUPER easy and effortless. Willa Interiors is for the purpose of bringing great design to every person. What I want more than anything is for you to know that you can do it! No matter how creative, crafty, or what kind of decorating budget you have, you can do it!

So here is our dresser. This was a set that Ethan grew up with and we inherited! (Praise the Lord for hand-me-downs from our parents!) My mother in law is all about refinishing furniture so with her blessing I tackled this project. I read several tutorials online. It seemed easy enough, so I headed to Home Depot!


I purchased Citristrip and Sandpaper. I also used a scraper blade and a boat load of rags!

I poured the Citristrip on the surfaced and let it bubble for a few hours… okay days. I am notorious for starting projects at the worst time ever and not being able to finish in a timely manner. It’s my M.O. The point of mentioning this is to say even if you ‘break the rules’ and take your husband’s parking space for days, it’ll still work out! He’ll thank me later.

I scrapped the finish off the  drawers and sanded them down clean. I primed the dresser and nightstand first. Then I gave it 2 coats of white chalk paint. I spray painted the wooden knobs with metal hammered spray paint! Here is the finished look!


Thoughts: It was therapeutic to scrap the finish off the dressers. The only con is it took FOR-EV-ERRR (in the voice from sandlot). I like how it turned out, and I especially liked the price for my new bedroom furniture!

Final Verdict: Dedicate a whole weekend to these sorts of projects like a normal, sane person would.




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