Long John Living Rooms

Not all of our rooms can be a perfect square with all the windows and doors in the perfect place, and your furniture fits just where it needs to. That’s just not reality. So when my friends Trevor and Amy approached me about helping with their living room I was happy to take on the challenge.

Here’s the room:




Recommendations I made on this room:

  • Buy multiple, more petite furniture pieces, and spread them across the room.
  • Group like-items so collections don’t look as cluttered.
  • Keep it neutral to make the room look larger. Go bold on smaller accessories.

With a lot of brainstorming here is the final look:




My advice on difficult rooms is when you don’t like something, pretend you did it on purpose. Embrace the shape of the room, color of your counter tops, or carpeting you just can afford to replace right now. If you work with the pickle, it’s not so sour in the end!

Clark the pug gives it 2 paws up!


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