Mother’s Day Dinner


Mom’s are all together such a special person. They deserve to be honored big time! This year my sister, husband and myself will be out of town for Mother’s Day. We decided to have an early dinner to celebrate together!

I called it The Celebration Of Mothers! I used heirloom dishes and decor from my late grandmothers to honor their memory. Table linens from my maternal grandma Wyla JoAnn (Who this blog is named after), a walnut lazy-susan from my paternal grandmother Jane, and crystal etched glasses from my great grandma Mason! Sometimes the best decorations of all aren’t the Pinterest perfect tablescape, but the sentimental heirlooms to remind us of the legacy set before us.




IMG_4507 (2)

IMG_4505 (2)

How will you be honoring your mother this year?




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