Hoosier Cabinet Makeover

Am I the only one that grew up with Hoosier Cabinets all over the house? These were a staple in the Mason household. My mother used them for kitchens, toy rooms, offices. What can I say? We love a good Hoosier in our family! Needless to say I inherited one when I got married and moved out. That’s the true sign of womanhood in my book, I own a Hoosier Cabinet of my own! I want to know why they aren’t everywhere on Pinterest?! They’re adorable and practical.

| B E F O R E |



I primed it with cheap white Wal-mart primer, because I had it on hand and I am trying to use it up (will not be repurchasing). I then used two coats of my FAVORITE matte finish Benjamin Moore paint in “pale oak.” That stuff is DA BOMB DOT COM! No for real, I bought a gallon of it 5 months ago and I have painted everything in sight. It is so thick and goes on so well. It’s like the Bible story of the oil and flour that never ran out!

I purchased new hardware at Home Depot… I purchased the wrong kind and had to go back. Take notice if your cabinet doors lay flat against the cabinet, or if there is a little step up. Because that turns out to be a real important detail ya’ll!

After my Saturday and Sunday afternoons were eaten up I have this as the end result!

After some more accessorizing…



Clearly baking banana bread is in my near future!

Thanks for reading friends!

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