My new obsession, cabinet wreaths!

Alert! Alert! My new obsession, cabinet wreaths.

Okay fine, wreaths in general. I could put them on every wall, in every room and probably see no problem in it. Ethan has to stop me in my madness from time to time!

So I recently refinished this Hoosier Cabinet in my kitchen. (Read all about that HERE!) I had this idea to hang small wreaths on the front cabinets. These are the artificial boxwood wreaths I used on the pews at my wedding. Hello re-purposing! I wanted to breath new life into them, so I picked up a bag of small faux lemons from Hob-Lob. I then hot glued an odd number of lemons on the wreaths. (Tip: Things look better in odd numbers!)




What do you think of my super easy and fun summer wreaths? Stay Tuned: I am going to make mini wreaths for every season!


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