To Mix Blue and Black, Or Not?

That is the question. Mixing neutrals. Black, Blue, Cream, White, and Brown? Can you mix them? Yes you can!

As I have mentioned before I unintentionally switched from Black everything to now using Navy/Blue more often. Which leads me to mixing the two colors and let me say I LOVE IT! Black and blue are both neutrals, they can absolutely, 100% be mixed! I get asked a lot if you can mix cream and white, and again YES! You do you girl, mix those colors (or lack of color in that case)!

To showcase this color freedom, I am using my current table centerpiece for summer! But don’t be surprised if you see me update the florals and keep this same arrangement going ALL. YEAR. LONG. I like to show case how to do things the easy way, as the viral YouTube video goes “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”




My plan to update this seasonally is that I will incorporate acorns and magnolia garland for fall, and pine garland and berries for winter! The possibilities are endless. I am excited to incorporate the black and white checked table clothes and runners all year! While I would have first thought of this as a summer print, I really think it can work year round. What about you? Would you have thought to mix the two prints together? Are you a fan or still skeptical of the black and blue mixed? I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!




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