| Easy Kitchen Wall Art |

Lately if I see a wood chopping block at the thrift store, I buy it. It may or may not becoming a problem for me. Seriously though, I have stacks on stacks of these bad boys. So this week I decided I needed to do something with them. I hope you find inspiration in my crafty-diy evening!

| B E F O R E|


Here are the little beauts! The one with the crazy chicken painting just got flipped around, as for the pepto bismol special, I had to give that a fresh new coat of paint!

I taped off the bottom edge of the wooden block and gave it a single coat of chalky finish black paint from Hobby Lobby. Then I gave the wood “Gather” cut out (also found at Hob-Lob) a coat of chalky finish mint paint, and hot glued it down. Presto-Chango! Easiest wall art EVER! I’m adoring them stacked up on my counter space as well. (See pictures below)

| A F T E R |



Will you be buying some wood blocks next time you’re at the thrift store? Or maybe you’ll bring new life to some you already own. Comment below!



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