English Cottage Guest Bedroom

English Cottage is all things cozy, antiques, and warm colors! What a blast it was transforming this guest bedroom. All of the fabrics used are from Waverly one of my favorite brands for curtains!

We started with this family heirloom bedroom furniture and bedding, and the rest fell into place. You will notice we used print on print for the bedding and curtains. I purchased an extra curtain panel and had throw pillows sewn to pull the curtain print down into the bedding.




The art work pictured above was perfect for the space, but the matting was dated. Swapping out matboard is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update artwork! The lamps were purchased at the thrift store. (Read my thoughts on that here!)

We are still on the hunt for red and cream transfer-ware plates to cascade on the wall. We have a small collection stacking up, pictures to come!

Have you ever heard of the English Cottage style before? Comment below your favorite style to decorate your home in! (Transitional, Eclectic, Industrial, Victorian, Farmhouse, etc.)



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