Farmhouse Redesign

This room was a fun challenge. The client wanted a farmhouse living room, but needed a little help getting there. We had a limited budget, but that wasn’t a problem! We only spent $140 on the following before and after photos!

Now the room isn’t totally finished, but I have equipped the homeowner with a shopping list to continue the search and completion of the room on a budget.

B E F O R E |

IMG_3672.JPG (3)IMG_3784.JPG (4)

A F T E R |



After I finished styling the room my client walked in and said “Wow! It looks so different, but I already owned most of this!” That was the best compliment she could have given me on my work! I have said this countless times, use what you have first and then fill in the holes! You would be amazed of the transformation of the pieces you already own!

Thanks for reading!



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