$68 Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover

My wonderful sister in law Catrina texted me to see what I could do to her dining room using a limited budget. She was about 39 weeks pregnant, so decorating wasn’t top priority, but if we could do something small she was open to a redo!

B E F O R E |


A F T E R |


B E F O R E |


A F T E R |



B E F O R E |


A F T E R |


T H E – B R E A K D O W N |

  • Since we only spent $68 on this makeover I had to prioritize what would make the biggest impact. I decided that would be the wall when you first walk in the room!
    • I found the shutters at our local habitat for humanity, and I just painted them a creamy white.
    • Catrina already had that awesome old window laying outside, so I snatched that beauty up and gave it a fresh coat of paint!
    • The Wreath is a custom job from Ra-Ra Wreaths.
    • I fastened the “fresh” sign Catrina had picked up at the Magnolia Market (I know, lucky lil ducky!) to the wreath using floral wire.
  • The next item of biggest impact was the chairs. These were hand-me-downs from our parents. It matched my mother’s dining room, but not my sister in laws. So we gave it a fresh coat of white paint and reupholstered them with some Hobby Lobby striped duck cloth!
  • I moved the Hoosier cabinet to the opposite wall to give the room more lighting

This is a success story to the message I feel like I preach on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your house look amazing! Granted Catrina had invested in some great large pieces, that made the makeover very inexpensive. But she didn’t buy them all in one day. It’s a process!



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