American Family Insurance Lobby Makeover

I had the privilege of working with the Don Tolly American Family Insurance Agency. They wanted to replace some lobby furniture and update it a little.

When someone starts their relationship with an insurance agency, its typically with their auto insurance policy. I ran with this thought and made the lobby design very industrial, auto inspired, and clean lined.

B E F O R E |






I liked many of the ideas they already had, like this “Team Tolly” display. I just brought it up to date to match the other updates we were making in the space.

Another way we updated the lobby’s function into fashion was the brochure table. The Don Tolly Agency is a huge ambassador for entrepreneurs in the St. Joseph MO area. Don likes to display his customer’s business cards in his lobby. I had the industrial shelving installed at eye level to clean up the brochure table, yet still have them proudly displayed.

A F T E R |




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