Glamorous Master Bedroom Retreat

Danielle contacted me to help pull her master bedroom together. I was tickled because her stately bedroom set is so timeless, that we had to make this room traditional, elegant and glamorous. (*Singing: These are a few of my favorite things*)

As a mom of 3 boys I wanted this space to be a place of tranquility and beauty for her. Her very own little retreat!

B E F O R E |





Since the midnight walk to the restroom was blocked by the large dresser, we decided to move it completely out of the room and replace it with less bulkier pieces to make the room appear larger.

She also didn’t care for the small window behind the bed, but there was no other wall the bed could go on, so I widen the curtain rod to match the scale of the headboard and used light sheers to deter the eye from looking straight at the window. Now the fabric behind the bed is fresh and airy a feature to the room!

A F T E R |



I opted to only hang wall art on one side of the room. Because the room is a tad narrow and there is the heaviness of the sitting area on the opposing wall, having art on both walls would feel to hectic and cluttered. Sometimes less is more!



The perfect little area for her strap on her superwoman sandals each day!


I added monogram pillows to personalize the area and celebrate the couple! As well as black and white wedding photos framed around the room! I believe wedding photos are a MUST in master bedrooms.

Thanks for reading!


Hannah Rehn

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