3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

If you are living in a space that isn't yours, it can be difficult to feel at home. I moved into an apartment last February. Your home should be a place of retreat, even if it's a temporary living situation. Knobs/Pulls: One of the first things I did after moving into my apartment was change … Continue reading 3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Patio Pop

My friend and colleague Sarah just had her deck rebuilt. She is anxious to host a party on it, and she reached out to me for help. She didn't have a specific style or vision for the space, we were just designing the deck on a budget. (My Specialty) I told her about the current variety of outdoor pillows at Wal-Mart's garden center. I know, I … Continue reading Patio Pop

Bless Not Impress

In my newly wed journey I have moved to a new state, church, community, and life! It's been amazing to see God's goodness revealed to me during the process ( Let me be real, it's also been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD.). One of the ways The Lord has brought me encouragement is through the church my … Continue reading Bless Not Impress