The Refresh Button: 

This package is for the person about to move, just moved, or is just tired of their home but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money redecorating it.

What this includes:

  1. I come over and rearrange all the furniture
  2. I shop from within your home
  3. Then I re-stage the room. Spending ZERO dollars!

The One With Zero Time: 

If you are crazy busy and want a beautiful home to come home to, but don’t have the extra time to get it there. I can help!

What this includes:

  1. The Consultation: You and I sit down and chat so I better understand your vision and dreams for your home! Here is where I determine your decor style, budget for decorating, and room measurements.
  2. Design Game Plan: I give you a design plan including mock photos of the room. We discuss what you like and dislike about the room, and I’ll make revisions as needed. I will make sure you are completely satisfied before moving forward!
  3. You sit back and relax! I will take it from here. I will do all the legwork for you. I go shopping and then I come to your home and install everything according to the plan and stage it with final touches!

The Willa Winter Wonderland: 

Ready to get in the Christmas spirit, but lack the time to get there? I will come in and decorate your home for Christmas!

What this includes:

  1. You and I will sit down and discuss what decor you own and want to use. Then we talk about what you’d like to update this year (buy new).
  2. I go shopping (if needed)
  3. DECOR DAY! I come and set everything up for you and your family to start making memories.

*A small millage fee is applied for those outside of the St. Joseph area.


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